Best of St. Louis MO

Best breakfast places in St. Louis There is something about starting your day with hearty comfort food and coffee.  It’s like if your mom was a meal she’d be breakfast. Let me play it straight – I ain’t no vegan and when I go for breakfast, I ain’t eatin’ healthy.  So if you are looking for the best vegetable, tofu frittata in town – this post isn’t for you. But if you want some good local eateries where you can find breakfasts of artery clogging fried pig with some greasy potatoes, toast and maybe some chili… then read on. It wasn’t too many years agoRead More →

St. Louis History

Where Famous Dead People Hangout In St. Louis A little gem that I venture to guess most St. Louisans have never visited is Bellefontaine Cemetery on West Florissant.  Though I know a graveyard is probably not the first place you think of visiting but Bellefontaine is worth the trip. Just a few blocks north of I-70 on West Florissant, this cemetery offers a wide variety of ornate mausoleums and tombstone sculptures.  Spring is a particularly nice time visit when many of the flowering trees are in bloom.  Though the cemetery promotes itself as the other Botanical Gardens, I think that is quite a stretch. You canRead More →

The St. Lous Slinger – a true original to the Gateway City. For those of you who don’t know what a Slinger is, well it is hash browns, a hamburger patty, two eggs all covered in chili. You either love them or they make you nauseous.  Me, I love them. As repulsive as it may sound chili and eggs actually taste pretty good together.   The Slinger originated at O. T. Hodge Chili Parlor, a now de-funked local chain of restaurants.  These chili parlors could be found downtown on Olive, on Jefferson Ave, in Union Station and the last operating restaurant was in Ferguson. ButRead More →

This is my post page where I’ll be adding more content real soon. I’ll focus on St. Louis and surrounding communities. My hope is to have a very entertaining and fun site.  Read More →