Best Place To Grab Breakfast In St. Louis MO

Best Place To Grab Breakfast In St. Louis MO

Best of St. Louis MO

Best breakfast places in St. Louis

There is something about starting your day with hearty comfort food and coffee.  It’s like if your mom was a meal she’d be breakfast.

Where is the best breakfast in St Louis
Comfort food as it was meant to be

Let me play it straight – I ain’t no vegan and when I go for breakfast, I ain’t eatin’ healthy.  So if you are looking for the best vegetable, tofu frittata in town – this post isn’t for you.

But if you want some good local eateries where you can find breakfasts of artery clogging fried pig with some greasy potatoes, toast and maybe some chili… then read on.

It wasn’t too many years ago when it was hard to find local restaurants that served breakfast.   With the convenience and speed of drive through and chain restaurants, the local guys got squeezed to the point where breakfast wasn’t profitable.

From this dilemma, local restaurateurs tapped into culinary entrepreneurial know-how and realized that they would have to step up their game.  This forced them to create new tasty delights and expand on the traditional breakfast menu.

Now St. Louisans have a plethora of choices for indulging in morning feast.


Diners that still sling the hash

One of favorite sleeper movies of all time is Diner.  Writer/director Barry Levinson put together an amazing cast of unknowns who would soon go on to be stars.  The cast included Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenberg, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Stern, Ellen Barkin, Paul Reiser and Tim Daly.

It is the story of a group of young men in 1959 Baltimore who are struggling and resisting their passage into adulthood.  As they deal with trial and tribulations of maturity their sanctuary is a diner where they can all gather for some comfort food and a cup of java after a night of carousing.

If you are nostalgic for those days when you could sit at the counter and watch the cooks frantically prepare your meal then you can get your fix at these local greasy spoons (and I mean that as a term of endearment).

Spencer’s Grill in Kirkwood is a tiny little dive that typically has a line waiting to be seated.  Get there early or be prepared to wait.  A very friendly wait staff with the traditional breakfast fair.

Dave’s Diner on Lindbergh in the Affton area is a through back those local corner cafes.  Sit at the counter or grab a table, either way, you will have a plate full of good ol’ fashion breakfast.

Olivette Diner is located in a strip mall on Olive.   They have a massive breakfast burrito that only great, cavernous, stomachs can accommodate.  If you go on Sunday mornings you can have the pleasure of some good-natured badgering from Keith.

Of course down at the corner of Chateau and 7th street is a St. Louis icon; Eat-Rite Diner.  This makes Spencer’s Grill look spacious.  When it comes to a breakfast like your grandma made at a good price Eat-Rite is hard to beat.

My favorite place to get the infamous Slinger is the Courtesy Diner.  With three locations (Kingshighway, Hampton and Laclede Station Rd).  The Courtesy Diner has your traditional breakfast menu with a few twist like the Hoosier and the Devil’s Delight.


Do you want a theme with those eggs?

Just as Walt Disney proved themed amusement parks could be massively popular so can themed restaurants.

Southwest Ave St. Louis Missouri
Breakfast with a Southwest flair

If you like some green chile with those huevos then the Southwest Diner is your place.  Held in on old bank building on Southwest Ave,  they have a flair for the southwestern cuisine.

You can get your breakfast with a biscuit or a sopapilla.  Menu items include New Mexican Breakfast Burrito, Carne Adovada, Huevos Rancheros and their spin on my favorite breakfast the Southwest Slinger.

Fair warning, on the weekends, hungry locals attack this place like General Santa Anna on the Alamo.  So get there right at 8:00 or expect to weight.

Break out the lederhosen and get ready for some brats with those eggs.  Celebrating 100 years (60 at their current location) Schneithorst’s on Lindbergh is the place for breakfast with a Bavarian flair.

Get the German Utopia with some succulent bratwurst or the traditional German Pancakes.  But besides the delicacies of the Rhine, Schneithorst’s also has many of the traditional breakfast options.

If you want pancakes it’s no secret where to go.  Uncle Bill’s Pancake House has a wide variety of pancakes to choose from.  From potato pancakes to Chocolate Alaska there surely is a flavor you can find that will delight your senses.  With locations on Kingshighway and Manchester, pancakes are always a short drive away.

Perhaps mademoiselle would prefer her eggs from a French hen.  Mimi’s Café in Chesterfield has a flair for eclectic spins on fine breakfast dining.

Craving some eggs benedict?  You have three to choose from.  Traditional, smoked salmon benedict or corned beef hash benedict.

The Hickory-Smoked Ham & Swiss Crepes is a hybrid of French cuisine and good ol’ American gluttony.  Quiches, spinach. and brie – oh my.  Whether it’s Florentine or Lorraine they will have a quiche to please you.


Eclectic eggs and toast

If you are one who likes to be adventurous when you eat then here are some spots that will give you variety either on the menu or the venue.

Kingside Diner in the Central West End not only has some great comfort food with a flair those also have many tasty gluten-free options.  Their flatbreads are not only incredibly delicious they also have gluten-free flatbreads available – nice.

There take on the Slinger is zipped up with some spicy chorizo sausage.  Or you can get the carb exploding 3 Little Pigs Sandwich.

Plus they serve locally owned Kaldi’s coffee – my number one choice for coffee.

Saint Louis Missouri ultimate guide to the best
The Mud House on Cherokee St

Don’t like meat with your breakfast?  The Mud House on Cherokee St has several vegetarian breakfasts to choose from and even a vegan choice or two.  In fact, they have a vegan version of their spin on the Slinger.

This is a great place to come, chat and meet new people as there is a lot of communal seating.  And their raspberry jam is off the hook.

Just a few blocks north is the Benton Park Café on Pestalozzi (formerly on Arsenal).  Open 24 hours on the weekend this is a great place to cap off a night of misbehaving.

A wide variety of items to choose from.  However, I recommend their burritos and breakfast pizzas.  These are some fresh takes on traditional comfort food breakfasts.  They please the palate and fill the belly.

Over by Tower Grove Park is the Hartford Coffee House.  Off the beaten path on Hartford St., this cozy little corner café is a great place to grab a cup-of-joe and a frittata.  Though the breakfast menu is limited it is definitely worth a trip if you in the mood for a light breakfast that taste delicious.

No moving west to Crestwood there is The Barn.   Set back off the road this one is easy to miss.  But take my word, it is worth the effort to seek this one out.

The Barn is a charming little restaurant and if you’re lucky Justin will there to greet with a smile and a hug if you ask.

A lovely staff makes you feel very welcomed.  And they have some of the best pancakes you’ll ever have.  I strongly recommend you pick up one of their homemade desserts to take home for later.

No matter what your taste, mood or cuisine preference; St. Louis has a large selection of local restaurants to accommodate what you are hankerin’ for in the morning.