St. Louis History

Where Famous Dead People Hangout In St. Louis A little gem that I venture to guess most St. Louisans have never visited is Bellefontaine Cemetery on West Florissant.  Though I know a graveyard is probably not the first place you think of visiting but Bellefontaine is worth the trip. Just a few blocks north of I-70 on West Florissant, this cemetery offers a wide variety of ornate mausoleums and tombstone sculptures.  Spring is a particularly nice time visit when many of the flowering trees are in bloom.  Though the cemetery promotes itself as the other Botanical Gardens, I think that is quite a stretch. You canRead More →

The St. Lous Slinger – a true original to the Gateway City. For those of you who don’t know what a Slinger is, well it is hash browns, a hamburger patty, two eggs all covered in chili. You either love them or they make you nauseous.  Me, I love them. As repulsive as it may sound chili and eggs actually taste pretty good together.   The Slinger originated at O. T. Hodge Chili Parlor, a now de-funked local chain of restaurants.  These chili parlors could be found downtown on Olive, on Jefferson Ave, in Union Station and the last operating restaurant was in Ferguson. ButRead More →

This is my post page where I’ll be adding more content real soon. I’ll focus on St. Louis and surrounding communities. My hope is to have a very entertaining and fun site.  Read More →